I Was Wrong About Andor

Time to eat some crow.

Andor was far and away the Star Wars show I was least anticipating and is easily the best Star Wars media to come out since the original trilogy. And it’s not even close.

When the show was announced, all I could think was “who wants a show about Cassian Andor?” He was in one movie and it’s not like he made a big splash among the fandom. No one was clamoring for more Andor content, as far as I could tell. He certainly wasn’t disliked, and he was good enough in Rogue One, but he wasn’t a fan favorite or anything like that. (And if he was, well, that’s on me, I guess.)

And then, after the complete trash that was Book of Boba Fett and the exceptionally unremarkable Obi-Wan Kenobi, I was fully prepared for Andor to be, at best, middling.

Friends, it is anything but.

Andor is giving us the most intense, grounded, exciting, Star Wars story that’s ever been put to screen. It is a startling view of life under The Empire from an average citizen’s perspective. Just people trying to get by in the galaxy while constantly under the threat of a brutal regime coming down on them.

We see the cynicism of regular folks in a fascist regime. The belief that nothing can ever change and the resistance to even trying. We see how those who want to do something are seen as kooks, as head in the clouds dreamers, but relish in their attempts to truly foment rebellion.

We see how even though who think they are doing just fine, or “got lucky,” can still wind up under the boot. How appeasing fascists actually makes things worse because they know they can get away with it. Even if you are doing nothing wrong, you can still suffer greatly.

And we learn how hard it is to form alliances. How making a coalition against fascism is nearly impossible, but vitally important. We truly see how great the struggle was to form the Rebel Alliance.

And not a lightsaber nor beskar in sight, for which I am very grateful.

Comrades, if you value quality television, it behooves you to watch Andor. I wasn’t excited for it. I didn’t care about the character. I loathe most prequels. I hate that Star Wars is completely stuck in the past and am still close to writing it off. But the quality of Andor is undeniable. Yes, there are still several episodes to come and theu could completely screw it up. But as of right now, it is a must-watch and you are doing yourself a disservice if you ignore it.

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