Homelander Could Laser Someone on 5th Avenue and Not Lose Any Followers

The Boys Season 3 was awesome. It was firing on all cylinders from episode one and it did. Not. Let. Up.

Because so much happened in this season, I’m not going to cover every aspect, just the highs and lows.

As always, the acting was fantastic. Specifically, though, (as always) Antony Starr. Just like seasons 1 and 2, whenever Homelander is on screen, you can’t look away. You are tense. You know that this man, with the power of a god, could snap at any moment and visit extreme violence on anyone. And this season, he begins to truly cross the line. He blatantly mutilates and murders, almost with abandon. All culminating in the final moments of the season, where he truly embraces his power and disregard for human life, murdering a man in cold blood for all the world to see…and being rewarded with cheers. Chilling. And very, very appropriate for the times.

That’s another thing; the social and political commentary would be over the top if it weren’t exactly appropriate. They say we are beyond satire and the fact that right-wingers didn’t realize Homelander was the bad guy just proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. They worshiped Trump just as the step-dad and other Homelander acolytes worship him regardless of how wretched he is. It doesn’t bode well for the characters in the show and it doesn’t bode well for real life, either. But I digress.

I thought Soldier Boy was a great addition to the mix. The old monster trying to get the new monster under control and failing, miserably, because they are just as wretched. And, of course, the good guys fail spectacularly because they have some semblance of morales. Wait, this is more politics, isn’t it? Sorry about that. It’s impossible to avoid with this show, I suppose. It would be heavy-handed if it weren’t spot-on.

I also appreciated how there really are only, like, two characters who are truly good. Mother’s Milk and Starlight. Everyone else is so spun around and morally dubious (but interesting) that you really can only root for those two.

I have to admit that I was disappointed in Black Noir’s storyline. Or, more specifically, how it ended. I was just hoping for more, I suppose. All the mystery and potential that was squandered. At least, in my mind. Who knows what season 4 will bring, but I felt unsatisfied by his demise.

And speaking of unsatisfying, I wasn’t thrilled about Frenchie and Kimiko’s storyline. It felt like a side-quest…because it was. I did like it when Kimiko lost her powers. It was what she wanted, she could figure out a way to help the team without them…but then they just gave them back to her. More wasted potential, in my mind.

But, again, on the whole, this season was excellent! The acting was top-notch. The action was thrilling and GROSS. The story kept moving along at a great pace. And Maeve got a happy ending! But little Ryan and his creepy smile is gonna be a problem. Can’t wait for season 4!

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