Shredder’s Revenge is Nostalgic Joy

It’s short, it’s sweet, it hits all the marks for a joyous throwback. Basically, if you loved the old-school Ninja Turtle beat-em-ups, you will have a blast playing through this game.

Raphael and Leonardo battling airborne enemies on their flying skateboards

You start with 6 playable character: the four turtles, Splinter, and April. Each has pretty simple stats, with 1-3 stars in reach, speed, and power, determining their play style. When you complete the game you unlock a 7th, the notorious Casey Jones.

All the characters have essentially the same moveset and controls, making the game very accessible to even novices at the genre. The controls feel good, the action is quick and exciting, it all scales well with added players, and it is FUN. I’ve had such a great time playing the levels over and over.

In addition to trying out each character, you have incentive to play through multiple times to level up each one to unlock new abilities and better stats.

The few gripes I had were technical issues, mainly. The game crashed a couple times, meaning I had to restart the level; but as the levels are short, it wasn’t that annoying. Also, sometimes an enemy would wind up off-screen and out of reach somehow and progress would be halted. Again, restarting is slightly annoying, but not too bad.

And sometimes having 6 players on screen made it hard to tell what was going on and where you were (especially when 4 of the players are similar shapes & colors). But that wasn’t mich of a detriment, more like the cost of doing business.

All of your favorites from the 80s show appear, including Bebop & Rocksteady, Krang, the Rat King, Rock Soldiers & Triceratons, Pizza monsters, and more! So the nostalgia runs deep in this game. It will feel like a return to childhood if you are of a similar age to me.

The turtles battle Tokka & Rhazar illusions made by tempestra
Plus a few surprises!

It’s not a full-priced game, you can pick it up online for $25, and that’s about the right price point for this outing. The game is short, but has replayability and is really fun. You can also switch to Arcade mode, where your lives don’t reset after each level as they do in story mode for an extra challenge. The game is pretty easy on story mode, especially if you have more than one player, even on the hardest difficulty.

So I would say pick this one up, especially if you loved the classics. It is an excellent multiplayer experience and really fun even if you’re going solo.

Cowabunga, dudes!

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