Star Wars is Literally Only Prequels Now

New content was supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them!

How did this happen, when the future was so bright and the possibilities were endless? JJ Abrams, man. That friggin’ guy.

Yes, it is a little more complicated than that, but not by much. Abrams’ plots, writing, and directing were so tremendously terrible that Disney is terrified of moving the universe forward. Hence, all they are doing is looking to the past and cowering in the relative safety carved out by the well-received Clone Wars show & the Original Trilogy.

So far, since the sequel trilogy released and Rise of Skywalker wrapped up that uneven journey by taking a great big crap in the bed, we have had nothing but shows that take place in the past. And not only that, but most of them take place at DIFFERENT POINTS in the past. It’s such a strange choice.

Because they take place in the past, it’s hard to care much about the plot. We know where Andor winds up. We know Kenobi’s role. We may not know Ahsoka, Din Djarin, & Fett’s fate, but we do know they are irrelevant on a galactic scale by the time the First Order starts wrecking the New Republic.

So these stories have to rely on strong performances, exceptionally well-crafted stories, or making us really care about the characters, and so far the results have been mixed. And that’s being generous.

I really like The Mandalorian and am genuinely curious about Grogu & the Mandalorians, so that’s fun. Only high point.

But oh my god I could not have cared less about Boba Fett & that clown show. I can barely fathom how bad that series truly was and how hard they messed up what could have been a very cool show.

And Obi-Wan Kenobi? I also really am having trouble being invested, so far. Two episodes in and it hasn’t exactly grabbed me. “Oh man, I wonder if Obi-Wan will save Owen Lars.” “Oh man, I wonder if Obi-Wan will keep Leia safe.”

It’s so tiresome. Hopefully the performances will sustain it, but everyone outside of Ewan McGregor & Joel Edgerton has been mediocre (at best) thus far. We’ll see how the rest goes, but things haven’t been very good and I’m not optimistic.

I’m hoping Ahsoka and her confrontation with Thrawn will be interesting, but I won’t hold my breath.

And Andor? Really? I genuinely can’t believe that character is getting his own show. Who. Cares.

If Star Wars is going to survive, they need to move forward. I know a lot of the fandom is enjoying retreating to the past, but it’s not sustainable. You need to keep moving forward, explore new conflicts, characters, settings, ideas. Stop hiding in the taun-taun carcass of the past and show us something new!

And make some damn movies again. Invest in a good story and dump money into it. Disney+ has made you lazy.

The current state of Star Wars

There’s a whole galaxy of possibilities out there, so let’s explore it, already!

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