Marvel’s Next Big Bad

Let’s speculate wildly!

Basically, I think that Kang the Conqueror is a red herring. As talented as Jonathan Majors is, and as much as I would love to have him menace the next wave of Marvel heroes like Thanos did, I think that he’s a misdirect.

First, they wouldn’t introduce the big bad in a Disney+ show. Yes, it’s a successful platform and yes, they want to make it indispensable, but I think Kevin Feige is smarter than that. They wouldn’t have the debut of a big bad, even the concept of him, first appear in a streaming show.

Am I saying he’s insignificant? No, far from it, in fact. I think he will wreak some havoc and cause a lot of problems, but ultimately will not be the big bad. Well, maybe for phase 4, in the same way loki was.

But ultimately he will be usurped and a new baddie for 5&6 will be unleashed! There are a couple possibilities for who does it.

Maybe it will be Galactus, and it ties into the Eternals & Celestials. He’s huge, he eats-a the planet. Definite possibility.

Perhaps it will be Magneto, as Disney tries to integrate the X-Men. But I doubt it, really. His plans usually aren’t universe threatening, much less multiverse threatening. Course, they could get weird with it and merge him and professor X to make Onslaught! It would be bold, but I think unlikely.

Maybe it’ll be Deadpool! He has killed the Marvel universe in the comics before. So they have the stones to have a 4th wall- breaking Ryan Reynolds hop in and slaughter the crew?

I mean, no. But it would be fun! Maybe in a What If…?

But seriously, I think they that are going to reveal the big bad as none other than Dr. Victor Von Doom.

We’ve already seen Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic make his debut, so it’s only a matter of time, of course. But beyond being the Fantastic Four’s main foil, he is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel comics.

I believe he will arrive and either dethrone Kang or be revealed to have masterminded all of this multiverse nonsense.

He’s a master magician, tactician, and genius. He has defeated the Marvel heroes (all of them) in many stories. He has the ability and drive to conquer not only his universe, but the entire multiverse.

Do they need to do this? No. Kang and Jonathan Majors would do a fantastic job antagonizing the current crop of Marvel heroes. But it always struck me as odd that they introduced him in a Marvel show and not a movie. So naturally it occurred to me that they only did that because he isn’t the big bad. Or, not the main big bad.

Doom is coming.

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