Superstore is the Most Important Show of This Moment

Not only is it insanely funny, but it is a scathing indictment of corporations, their anti-union stances, and disregard for employee health & wellness.

I plan to write more in-depth on these topics at a later time, but I find myself continuously surprised by how a silly show that, on its surface, seems like just another workplace sitcom, continues to touch on important topics like:

  • the shortcomings of employment-based health insurance
  • underpayment of floor-level workers
  • how hard it is to fight for a union
  • ICE raids and America’s inhumane immigration system
  • And finally, the Coronavirus pandemic

That last point has really stuck out to me because you will probably not see in pop culture entertainment many, if any, references to the pandemic. Mass media, especially entertainment, is going to do its best to ignore the pandemic (even as it is still going on), but the Superstore writers recognized that its characters would be bearing the brunt of the consequences and knew they had to incorporate it.

Sure, they’re not having coworkers drop dead left and right from the coronavirus (it is still a wacky comedy), but at least they are acknowledging it and characters are often pointing out how corporate does not care if they live or die. And that is something.

It is more than most shows will do, mark my words.

Again, I plan on writing more about each of those points in the future because I am enamored with this show. It was so on-point about work & the workers’ plight in our dystopian capitalist nightmare that I truly do think it is a seminal show.

And it is DAMN funny. Every character slays, often with the supporting cast stealing scenes, and the writing is razor-sharp. It’s got a little awkward humor, some absurdism, some slapstick, it’s really got something for everyone.

Unfortunately, it has ended (of course it has. Of COURSE.), but I want to encourage anyone and everyone to go and watch it. I really hope it gets a larger fandom because it deserves it just as much as The Office, Modern Family, or any of the dozens of worse TV shows that have huge followings. It deserves it even more so.

And it went right off the air just as the union push really started gaining steam here in the US. Coincidence? Probably. But also…

Workers of the world unite!

You have nothing to lose but your chains!

Have a heavenly day!

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