Where’s A New Mario Kart, Already?

It’s been 8 long years since a new Mario Kart game came out. Does anybody else realize this? Almost a full decade!

Now, my compadre, Andy, would tell you that I’m upset with Nintendo. And… maybe I am a little bit. I’m aware that Nintendo is going to Nintendo. Their business decisions have baffled me for a long time, but they have found success, regardless, so what do I know?

After all, Nintendo doesn’t owe us ANYTHING. They are a company that is allowed to make their own decisions. They could shelve Mario Kart for 20 years and we would just have to deal with it. If we don’t like it, we can buy other consoles and never touch our Switches again.

They. Don’t. Owe. Us. Anything.

BUT as fans of the game series who haven’t gotten a new Mario Kart console game since 2014…

and no, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe doesn’t count as a new console game.


And NO, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit doesn’t count as a new console game.


AND NO, the mobile phone Mario Kart Tour game doesn’t count as a new console game!


…the map pack that is being slowly rolled out is downright insulting.

I know that a lot of people are excited about it. Heck, I’m excited about it on some level. Mario Kart 8 is a good game and more courses to race on isn’t exactly a bad thing.

And the courses are fun! I’ve played the first two cups that have been released and they are exciting, well-crafted courses that are quite enjoyable! I mean, I’ve played the majority of the courses before because, once again, Nintendo is recycling its content, but they’re still good tracks.

“I shouldn’t complain,” he said, complainingly.

But when there hasn’t been a new game in the better part of a decade, and they’re not adding anything else new to the game like new items, new karts, new racers, nothing like that, it’s kind of a slap in the face.

It’s high time that Nintendo gives Mario Kart fans something new. They have milked Mario Kart 8 through two consoles now and enough is enough. It’s time they developed some new mechanics, designed new courses, added new characters, and gave us something to truly be excited about.

I know what they should do, but I definitely am not getting my hopes up for a Super Smash Kart. They’ve dabbled by adding Link, the Inklings, and Animal Crossing, but they won’t commit.

Once again, I know that Nintendo owes us nothing. They know it, too. But when other, less popular franchises have been given new console games more recently (including Star Fox! And Metroid!), it is mind boggling that this is the route that they are taking.


So throw us a bone, Nintendo! Show us you can improve on Mario Kart 8! I know it’s daunting, considering how good the game is, but the time has come. Be bold! Be brave!

Do it!

…Gimme Super Smash Kart, you cowards!

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