Listen to us talk about video games!

Bet you’ve been wondering what your old pals Aaron and Andy have been up to these days? Why haven’t we been posting stories and musings on pop culture and pouring our hearts out to you for such a long time? Well, part of it is just life getting in the way. Children, careers, things like that. But we certainly haven’t abandoned our collaboration! In fact, for the past several months, we’ve been working on another type of project, one that I bet our readers and fans will greatly enjoy:

One Stage at a Time

Yes, your boys have been hard at work on a podcast! We just wrapped up season one where we play through every level of Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Entertainment System and discuss the gameplay, design, and feelings regarding the level. Then we do a dive into the lore of Mario and the history of Nintendo as a company. Since we have finished season 1 and are about to start a new game in season 2, we thought this would be an excellent time to introduce the Trope and Dagger audience to it! Please, give it a listen and enjoy!

Here is the final episode of season 1, but you can click here for previous episodes, as well as links to iTunes, Spotify, and your favorite podcast platforms!

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