A Spirited Spectre or a Tortured Soul? The New Ghostbusters Trailer is Out!

After all the controversy, all the pitchfork-wielding, all the worry and fear, the first real glimpse at Ghostbusters is here:

OK, let’s all take a quick breath. That was a lot to take in, and we all knew it wasn’t going to be the same as the original, we knew that. So everyone unclench their fists, inhale deeply, hold it, hollllld it, and exhale. You’re intact, everything’s ok. Even if you’re horrified, remember that the originals are still there, and this movie can’t hurt them. And if this made you excited, then hooray for you, you’ve got a movie to look forward to! The point is, everything’s all right.

Ghostbusters smiling
See? We’re fine.

Now that we’re all in a safe zone, I’m going to share my thoughts on this trailer.

Obviously, we all knew that this movie wasn’t going to be like the original. Nor should it try to be. The original is a classic and no reboot or remake or sequel could ever live up to it. Heck, even Ghostbusters 2 couldn’t live up to Ghostbusters. So I don’t fault them for trying to give the new movie a slightly different tone. And I’m not just referring to casting all females in the lead, that’s a non-issue. I’m referring to the feel of the trailer, how it has a frenetic energy and wild colors, very different from the original Ghostbusters. It certainly stands apart from the grittiness of the 1980’s film. And I mean gritty as in dirty, not as in dark. That film was set in 1980’s New York City, and it felt like it.

I’m willing to say, there were aspects of this trailer that appealed to me. I’m a big fan of supernatural adventures, myself, and I can safely credit the original Ghostbusters with fostering that love of the strange and unnatural, so I will probably see this film and I will probably enjoy it on some level. The towering ghost was a cool visual, the new traps and proton weapons were kind of exciting, and it feels like it’ll be a fun adventure, which I’m always down for. It doesn’t look creepy like the original is, but I’m hopeful they sprinkled some actually scary parts in the movie somewhere.

Dana Chair
Just a little something to scar the children.

That being said, there are other aspects which absolutely did not appeal to me. For one, the slapstick humor that seems prevalent in the trailer doesn’t excite me one bit. The Leslie Jones slapping around Melissa McCarthy scene looks to be genuinely unfunny, and Jones screaming at the top of her lungs “Hell NAH” makes me retch. Also, the Kristen Wiig getting covered in slime bit was over the top. Perhaps it’s in there to appeal to 90’s Nickelodeon fans, I dunno. Whoever it’s there for (kids, I assume), it certainly isn’t me.

He Slimed Me
This is how you slime someone.

So all in all, this trailer was adequate. There weren’t a ton of laughs for me, but I like most of the cast well enough that I feel confident they’re in the movie somewhere. It’s clearly not the Ghostbusters of yesterday, but that’s a good thing in my mind. We have the Ghostbusters of yesterday. It’s still a near perfect movie and always will be. And now we’re going to get this movie. It will clearly have some unfunny bits, but it will probably also have some very funny bits to balance it out. This trailer doesn’t really get me hyped for the film, but that’s business as usual. I’ll probably still see it, though I’m not expecting to be blown away. But I know many of you are still ready to go a-pitchforkin’, and that’s ok, too.

PS: Seriously, is this a reboot or a sequel? Or a soft reboot/sequel? Come on, just give us a straight answer. Was Peter Venkman a Ghostbuster in this universe or not?

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