E3 Day One Highlights

So I’m guessing now I have to buy myself an XBOne now.  It’s finally getting to the tipping point where it feels like there are going to be enough games that it’ll justify me buying the system.  I’ve been holding out, I haven’t been super impressed by the offerings so far.  But this E3 has changed that.  Let’s go over some of my personal highlights:

Mass Effect: Andromeda

I know that this isn’t showing up until 2016, but I’m such a huge Mass Effect fan that this trailer got me super pumped.  I liked the music selection, first off.  “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” by Johnny Cash is an unorthodox selection for a Mass Effect game, which was good, taking a step away from the previous games.  And the setting of the game, taking place in an entirely different galaxy, will be a huge step away from the other games, and is an exciting prospect for exploration and discovery.  A year and a half away, and I’m ridiculously pumped for this game.

Gears of War Remastered / Gears of War 4

While Gears of War remastered looks awesome, and I’m a big fan of the first game, the real highlight here for me was Gears of War 4.  I love the Gears franchise, clearly, and I’m really excited to go back to planet Sera and cut monsters to pieces.  I like how the new game looks to be mixing the feel of the first game, more claustrophobic environments, darker scenery, with the grandeur of the later games, having a giant tornado of death baring down on you.  I’m looking forward to getting to know the new characters and working through the new game in some of the best co-op around.

Minecraft Hololens

If you’re a fan of Minecraft, this was a pretty amazing display.  Heck, even if you’re not a fan, you’ve got to appreciate how well this worked.  I’ve never been a huge fan of VR headsets, but this was enough to actually get my attention.  I still can’t see myself ever buying one, but I definitely see the appeal after this demonstration.  It was too cool to have Minecraft right there in the room with them!

Rise of the Tomb Raider

I was a big fan of Tomb Raider (2013).  I really enjoyed the survival/action mash-up and, while I think that this game looks to be pretty much more of the same, I don’t consider that to be a bad thing.  As long as it delivers exciting action, brutal situations, and impressive environments, I’m a happy camper.  And it looks like that’s exactly what’s in store for us.

Star Wars Battlefront

I haven’t played any of the Star Wars Battlefront games, but that is definitely going to change.  People were very pissy about this game when the features were announced, but I’m betting that the complaints are going to fade away almost completely after this demo.  Actually, no I don’t.  It’s still the internet and it’s still EA, but whatever.  I realize that everything that happened was staged for the demo, but if each game is a fraction as exciting as this was, then it will be a damn fun game.  I know that I’m ready and excited to play out some iconic Star Wars battles.


First off, watch the creator’s speech that he gave before the trailer was revealed:

Holy crap, that was adorable.  He was so nervous showing everybody his little friend Yarny, his hands were shaking!  That was the most endearing thing that I’ve ever seen.  And on top of that, the game looks really fun and beautiful:

I like a good platformer, and this game definitely looks to fit the bill.  It looks cute, fun, and creative, and I’m very excited to play it.  Additionally, the creator is obviously incredibly passionate about his game, which is a MASSIVE plus for me.  It will definitely have my support as soon as I can.

Fallout 4

Love me some Fallout.  New Vegas was kind of disappointing, but with Bethesda behind this newest game again, I have confidence that it will be a return to form, and consume most of my waking life once more.

So those were my highlights for the first day of E3!  There were some other notable things, but while Pelé is definitely very cool, I honestly don’t give a crap about a new Fifa or Madden game.  The Assassin’s Creed trailer looked cool, but we’ve been duped before, so let’s just tread lightly there.  Uncharted 4 also looks cool, but I was kind of annoyed by the “Lost the truck!  Oh no we didn’t!!!” instance that kept happening.  I’m sure it’ll be fun, though.  I’m also sure there’s some stuff that I missed, but this is what stuck out to me on the first day.  Here’s looking to day 2!

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