Recap and Rants – The Flash Ep. 15 “Out of Time”

Whoa.  This episode was a heart-stopper.

So, spoiler-free quick review: As always, The Flash moves along the plot (sort of) and keeps the excitement up.  There was a little too much love-square going on in this episode for my liking, but it’s tolerable for how great the rest of the scenes were.  As per usual, The Flash delivers a thrilling episode that keeps it at the top of my favorite shows list.  Really great episode, worth a watch!

Now, Flash Spoilers ahoy!

This week's distraction from the real good stuff.
This week’s distraction from the real good stuff.

So, let’s start off with the things that I didn’t like in this episode.

Barry and Iris drama.  I was really hoping that they had finally put an end to this nonsense, but I knew in my heart of hearts that it couldn’t be true.  Especially after Iris told Linda how Barry used to have feelings for her, I knew that this annoyance would keep rearing its ugly head.  I think it’s super gross how Barry pines after Iris, his adopted sister.  I’ve gone on and on about it before, so I’ll restrain myself here, but yeah, come on, you two.  At least they’re finally sort of addressing how weird it is in the show, with Joe talking about how they’re family and Eddie and Linda getting annoyed with how they’re acting.  We’re all annoyed, too, guys.  And then at the end Barry and Iris kiss and Barry reveals he’s the Flash!  Well, at least there’s some forward momentum and Iris now knows about Barry as she should have been told from the beginning!  …Except not.  Barry goes back in time and I’m willing to bet money that she won’t know about him for a long time still.  Ugh.  OK.

Guys.  Stop it.
Guys. Stop it.  You’re siblings.  Adopted, but still.

But now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the good stuff!

First off, I really like the Weather Wizard.  He was seriously threatening and had a major bone to pick with Joe.  I also liked that he was the more capable of the two weather-wielding brothers.  He had always been the one looking after his little brother and it’s easy to see why.  His attacks were vicious, precise, and he was definitely more dangerous than his brother.  The one attack that was visually very cool was the attack in the car.  That slow-moving lightning bolt was awesome and Barry getting them out in the nick of time was an impressive visual.  But it was really dumb that they cut away and basically forgot that he was in the car right behind them.  Barry should really have been able to pop over there and punch his lights out before he could even blink, but instead they went to commercial and when they came back it was a new scene.  Lame.  But I still like the character.  His precision and power make him very formidable and intimidating.

However, even though he was a great villain, he was not what I was most interested in this episode.

I'm seein double!  Four Harrison Wells!
I’m seein double! Four Harrison Wells!

So, I was wrong.  About several things.  So there’s only one Reverse Flash, no two yellow speedsters.  I was wrong about that.  Also, apparently Dr. Wells isn’t trying to make Flash a better hero out of some twisted sense of goodness, but instead to use him to return to his own time!  Much more selfish, though it is interesting that he apparently was trying to kill Barry that night instead of Barry’s mom.  So I was wrong about his motives, too.  Then he goes and straight up murders Cisco!  I knew it was going to happen as soon as Caitlin (who didn’t have much to do this episode, sadly) turned around and the wheelchair was empty.  That was a hell of a scene, with Cisco realizing very quickly that he was not getting out of that room alive and Dr. Wells saying that Cisco was like a son to him right before plunging his arm into Cisco’s chest.  That’s some fucked up shit right there, Dr. Wells.  And it gave me chills.  Cisco is very much the heart of the show and seeing him taken out in cold blood was hard to watch.  Kudos to both Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh, they gave truly excellent performances in this scene.  If that had actually been Cisco’s send-off, it would have been a worthy performance to go out on.  But I’m glad it wasn’t.

So as the episode comes to a head Barry has to run fast enough to create a wall of wind to stop the tsunami.  He pushes himself faster than ever before to save Joe and Iris and the entire city and winds up jolting himself back in time!  This is an interesting development, as he had seen himself earlier in the episode, but then continued on normally afterwards.  This time, however, he seemed to take the place of the Barry who was earlier in time.  I wonder if something was different that caused that to happen or if it’s just a fluke.  Did they switch places that time or something?  I wonder if it will even be addressed, or just brushed off as “hey, it’s time travel”.  Either way, very exciting.  I really did expect that sort of stuff to come into play later, but hey, if the writers are going to keep this crazy train going as fast as it is, I’m not going to complain.  It is The Flash, after all.

So now Barry has a chance to make everything right and relive the day much better than the first time around!  So Cisco is probably safe, Dr. Wells will most likely keep his secrets a while longer, and Iris will definitely no longer know about Barry for a while.  While I’m glad that Cisco will be staying with us (who else would think up the fun names?  I mean, Caitlin’s OK at it, but Cisco’s the man), it’s annoying that the love-square will probably be continuing for a bit and that the Dr. Wells revelations will, in all probability, be undone.

He'd probably be happier if he knew that he was going to save his friend from a gruesome fate.
He’d probably be happier if he knew that he was going to save his friend from a gruesome fate.

But in spite of the fact that almost all the forward movement in the plot will be undone, this episode was still thoroughly enjoyable and tremendously exciting, as usual.  Barry still does know some things that could prove troublesome for Dr. Wells and problematic for Iris, but I bet they’ll stretch those turning into things for a little while longer.  I really do love this show and have been extremely pleased with every episode so far.  I cannot wait for next week.

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