Orion Spacecraft! Oh YEAH!!!

I just wanted to post really quick how awesome it is that NASA launched the Orion space module.  Like, really!!!  It is so fucking baller that the USA has made the first real steps towards landing on Mars.

Pictured: NASA

For you ding-dongs who don’t fully understand how awesome NASA is these days, here’s a link made for babies that will educate you:


Condescending attitude aside, everyone should watch this.  And Dalia, I want to know more.  Let’s get us some coffee, gurl.

If you still need it spelled out for you: NASA RULES AND ARE GETTING US TO MARS AND BEYOND.

Listen to these men. LISTEN TO THEM!!!

Really, NASA has been, and always will be (barring something…America shattering), the true leader in space exploration.  And they have proved it yet again with the successful launch of the Orion spacecraft.

While it was not manned, and its duration was less than 24 hours, (4 hours and 24 minutes) the test was the first step towards putting humans on Mars.  This is astounding.  It is groundbreaking.  It is something that we will be telling our grandchildren about.

And hopefully they will be as nonplussed as we were about the space shuttle program.

Seriously.  I hope that our grandchildren have even bigger things to be excited about.  I hope that someone is on the verge of interstellar travel by the time we actually get to Mars.  I hope that we can say “I remember when Orion launched” and our grandkids will say: “Orion?  That’s like slower than my moon pod is.  Call me when we get to Alpha Centauri.”

Probably won’t be like that, but it would be cool, right?  I want incredible scientific advances to be taken for granted in my near future.  I want funding to be overabundant and a given.  Not only because that will truly keep us  as the true world power, but because that will make our country, and the planet as a whole, a better place.

Advancement and looking to better humanity… that’s what science is all about.  And I’m glad that NASA has not lost sight of that.  Let’s get our asses to Mars!!!

I want to acknowledge that the rest of the world has made incredible steps in space exploration, as well.  The Rosetta spacecraft is the most recent thing that comes to mind, and I hope it wakes up soon to give us more and more valuable information.  NASA, combined with the rest of the world’s greatest minds, will continue to advance humanity in tremendous leaps and bounds.

Go Humans!!!

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